When the snow begins to thaw in northern Michigan I start to dream of warm weather. As theTrilliums begin to pop up out of the ground it is a sure sign that spring has sprung in the woodlands of upper Michigan. This beautiful and elegant white flower has three wavy-edges and triangle-shaped petals. It is a protected flower species that blooms early in the spring. My favorite Trillium time is a full moon evening just before the trees have leafed out. Rather than a ground cover of fresh fallen snow, the woods are carpeted with beautiful white moonlit Trilliums. For me, it’s coming is anticipated with great enthusiasm because it is symbolic of the end to an often long winter.
My collection of Trillium designs in jewelry are feminine in concept as is the springtime. The designs flow as the flowers themselves and suggest the aroma of sweetness. This collection consists of earrings, pendants, rings and bracelelts in gold, silver, combinations of both metals and often is set with gemstones and pearls. It began in 2000 and continues to bloom.