BraceletsBracelets require a lot of planning and thought at the onset. There are so many considerations: the constant movement of the wrist, they can twist and move themselves, they need to be secured and they get banged around a lot. Simply put, they take a lot of abuse. Perhaps that’s how bangles were named!

A bangle has to fit over the hand comfortably, yet be snug enough not to slip off. For this reason, most bangles are narrow in size like a wedding ring. The cuff bracelet is easier to put it on the wrist and allows for designs of greater width. Link bracelets need some sort of a closure or clasp and these too can be tricky to make and to use. I find that toggle clasps are the easiest for most women to put on and take off by themselves.

All the above considerations are taken when I design and make a bracelet. It must be not only beautiful to look at, but comfortable to wear. The average size for a bracelet is 7.5″ – 8″. For all special requests, please contact us at our store.

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