Uvarovite Druzy and Tsavorite Earrings


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If you think that all garnets are red….have a look at these beauties!  Uvarovite is found in Russia and is a member of the garnet family. Druzy stones are sparkly micro crystals that have grown on a host stone – in this case, uvarovite. Tsavorite (the T is silent) is a highly prized and rare garnet, so we find that both are a type of garnet. Not many large specimens are found, but even the little ones sparkle like crazy! They measure 15mm x 24mm or about 5/8″ x 1″ long. They drop from pretty hinged lever back earwires and are lightweight and easy to wear. Hand fabricated in my Harbor Springs MI Studio. One of a kind originals. Item #MAE21-21



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