Morrisonite Jasper Pendant and Beads


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Hand crafted in sterling silver, this beautiful neutral-toned jasper measures 36mm wide x 42mm long. Morrisonite is found in the eastern slopes of Oregon along the Owyhee river. Quite often, gemstones or minerals are named after the person by whom it was first discovered. It was James Morrison who first found it in the 1950’s. Its’ colors vary from blues and browns and in this case a very unusual olivine green and tans with a red streak running through it.

The faceted beads are Epidote are spaced with carnelian to compliment the jasper pendant. It is 20″ long. Epidote is is an abundant rock-forming mineral but one of secondary origin. It occurs in marble and schistose rocks of metamorphic origin. It is abundant worldwide but the stone’s fragile nature makes faceted epidote gems rare. Sold separately.

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Morrison Jasper Pendant/and or Epidote Beads

Morrison Jasper Pendant, Epidote Beads