Inlay Cuff Bracelet


From the past… I used to make pieces like this when I lived in Santa Fe. They were a labor of love. I cut and polished each stone and inlaid them into a setting that I created. Lapis, Coral, Malachite, Ivory, Pipestone and the center was walnut wood with turquoise inlaid into it. This bracelet used to be worn by me. It was my favorite. As I got older, my wrist grew wider and consequently I could no longer wear it.

Several years ago, I decided to sell it. A young girl saw it and fell in love with it. She came in the store three times, once with her mother I recall. She paid for it with her own money and borrowed a bit extra to be paid back as soon as she returned to her job on campus.

I think she’ll be wearing it for years to come as I did. Lucky girl.