Garnet, Rhodochrosite and Ruby Pendant & Beads



An interesting combinations of stones make this pendant special. It is sterling silver and was hand made by  construction. It measures 28.50mm wide x 49.50 long with the bail.

The twin pair of Rhodachrosite are perfectly matched. Rhodochrosite is a light pink to deep red colored mineral that often forms in silver mines. It occurs in fractures and cavities of certain rock types and can also be found as stalactites and stalagmites. Opaque material, like those in the pendant, are usually characterized with white streaks of calcite. These attractive patterns along with the stones’ color make this type of rhodochrosite easy to identify. A garnet is set at the top of the piece and a ruby is at the bottom. This ruby is of a lower grade than the most often clear variety. It was brought back by an old friend who traveled often to Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). The faceted garnet bead strand is 17″ long and is sold separately. One of Kind.

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Pendant and or/ Garnet Beads.

Pendant, Garnet Beads