Emerald Crystal Pendant & Chain


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Clusters of emerald crystals grouped together naturally. This “Chatham” emerald is natural and grown in a laboratory somewhere in California. I weighs 11.52 cts. It was very popular in this crystal form in the 70’s and 80’s but difficult to find today, as now it is sold as calibrated faceted gemstones. I purchased several of these emerald crystals 40 plus years ago. This is the last of them. Initially carved in wax, created by the lost wast casting method in 14KY gold, it is truly a one of a kind treasure. From the top of the pendant it measures 24.5mm wide x 33mm long – just over an inch in diameter. the 20″ 14KY gold chain is sold separately.

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Emerald Pendant/and or 14KY Chain

Emerald Cluster Pendant, 14KY 20" Chain