Diamond Ring


Often when women let their hair go natural in their latter years, they start wearing more silver or white gold. It somehow just seems to fit and look better on most gray-haired women. My customer decided to convert her jewelry from yellow gold into white gold. It was a huge project and involved many items.

This ring was part of it. She had lots of diamonds in jewelry and some loose and she asked me to put as many as I could in a ring setting. It takes up a greater part of the finger, but interestingly, I was able to design it so it wasn’t ostentatious. It still looked great on her hand.

the large round and pear shapes were both about 2.0cts each so you can imagine how large this ring is. But as I said, it is compact.

My lovely customer is deceased now, and I think of her often. I was asked to appraise it again after she passed and I wonder who is wearing that gorgeous ring today.