Bi-Color Amethyst Pendant


This is one of my favorite pendants I’ve ever made. And it is another example of one that was sold while I was either out for the day, or at the post office. What is different about this story is that one day, years later, a couple came in my store and he saw a business card that I made with this pendants image on it. He said to his wife, ‘Oh look, here is your necklace!”. And that is how I now know who the owner is. I’m so happy she is the owner. A beautiful lady and a beautiful pendant.

The bi-color Amethyst is rare and gorgeous. Both tiny round amethysts and diamonds were set as complimentary accents in the 14KWX1 gold pendant. Years have passed and I’ve never seen another like it again. I designed and made it for the store via the lost wax casting method. This means I hand carved the original design out of wax and them the wax was sent out to be cast. I no longer cast my pieces as I just don’t have time to do that part of the process and run a retail store.

As I said, it’s is one of my favorite pieces I’ve made. People always ask how I can sell these gorgeous pieces of jewelry and I tell them it is not the piece, the end product, but the process that sustains my creative drive. Selling them means I can continue my craft and set more beautiful gemstones into more beautiful pieces of jewelry!