A Bernd Munsteiner Gemstone in Pendant & Chain


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This pendant is an extremely collectible piece. The natural quartz gemstone contains pyrite rutiles (elongated crystals)naturally included when the quartz was formed. It was created by Bernd Munsteiner who transformed gem cutting. Before Bernd, gemstones were cut into traditional round, oval, square and rectangular shapes that had no sculptural component other than those dictated by the shape of the raw material. Bernd changed everything. His vision was to create transparent gemstone sculpture by playing with light and reflection in an entirely new way.

He created the Fantasy Cut and “negative cutting”. With negative cutting reflective facets are cut into the stone rather than on its surface. The result is a gemstone with shifting, multiple reflections of sculptural shapes suspended within its transparent interior.Bernd became known as the “Picasso of Gemstones” with his work in museums and private collections around the world. Bernd has retired from gemstone cutting, but his son Tom has carried on his fathers’ work and developed his own style after growing up in his fathers Atelier in Germany.

This piece was lost wax cast in a alloy of silver and platinum which keeps it virtually tarnish free. It measures 45mm in diameter. It is one of the earliest examples of Bernds’ Fantasy Cuts, making it a true collectors’ piece. The large box style sterling chain is sold separately. One of a Kind.

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Pendant/and or 20" Sterling Chain

Quartz Pendant, 20" Sterling Silver Chain