Michigan Charms

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Personalize your charm bracelet with “Up North” Michigan charms.

“Up North”Charms were created by the love Mary Ann Archer has for Northern Michigan. It is a special and magical place of quaint towns and inland lakes. As a result, those who live here, vacation, or summer here, keep its sweet memories close to their hearts. It was only natural that “Up North” Charms were designed in the shapes of hearts. They remind us of the sweet and unforgettable places and experiences that are dear and precious to us. Islands and cherished destinations near the Lake Michigan shoreline are special subjects as well.

“Up North” charms are worn on charm bracelets or on chains as a necklace. Consequently, they travel with us, no matter where we go.

“Up North” charms are made in sterling silver and 14KY gold. Each charm is approximately one inch in diameter. They are stamped by hand and subsequently, they aren’t machine perfect. In other words, the hand made quality adds to their character. In addition, each heart shape is slightly different in size and shape to create even more uniqueness. Round charms are always classic.

“Up North” charms can be added to your existing charm bracelet or one featured in the Bracelet Category on this website.  Charm bracelets come in several styles and sizes. However, some women prefer to wear “Up North Charms” as pendants rather than as a charm bracelet. Chains to compliment these charms can be purchased in the Chain Category.

Your imagination and wants can come true in sterling silver or 14KY  with “Up North” charm for the asking. Custom charms can be designed for individuals, groups, clubs, tournaments, wedding anniversaries, and retirement mementos.

“Up North” Baby charms are also a huge favorite. We hand stamp the baby’s first and middle name, the date of birth. In addition, a birthstone is also set at the bottom of the charm, if desired. Another bonus for grandmothers is that the charms are reminders of their grandchild’s birthday. All grandchildren love to see their name in silver or gold on their grandmothers’ wrist. Some charms bracelets have eight and more “Up North” charms attached to them!

Gifting charms is another way to keep one’s ‘up north’ memories in focus; both for the giver and the receiver. For example, they are especially popular for gifting young girls going off to college or starting a new career away from home or their northern Michigan cottage. Married women love to have an “Up North’ charm as a memory of the place they were married. In addition, they make great gifts for friends and for cottage hosts.

Lastly, you must know that custom charms are not only for those who live or visit in northern Michigan. They can be made specifically for you wherever you live or vacation. They can be custom made for special occasions, places, or whatever your heart desires.