Charm Bracelets

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Charm bracelets are storytellers. They tell a love story about a woman’s unique and personal world. They talk about her travels; places where she has visited and things she has seen. They speak about her interests and accomplishments. They recall the things she likes and is attracted to. And they are symbolic of all that she holds dear in her heart.

Mary Ann Archer’s charms and bracelets offer a wide selection to choose from. Made of tarnish-resistant sterling silver or gold, they come in different styles, weights, and sizes. It is important to select a bracelet that has links that are evenly spaced in progression. If the links are too large, the charms will slide around too much and wear both the links of the bracelet and the charms’ jump ring (attachment). If the links are too small, the jump rings will not have enough movement or be strong enough to hold the charms.

How a charm bracelet is fastened is most important. Lobster clasps are always secure provided they are strong and durable. Most gold bracelets will have this type of closure. The downside is that they often need help to get into or out of, but they are very secure. Toggle clasps are always a favorite because a lady is able to put the bracelet on and take it off easily and by herself. Toggle bracelets have a two-part clasp; a bar and a ring. The length of the bar half of the clasp is very important. If it is too short, it may slide through the ring and fall off, so you want to be sure the bar is longer than the diameter of the ring for it to be very secure.

When purchasing, make sure the bracelet is not too loose or too tight. An easy way to determine your bracelet size is to use a measuring tape or a cord. Wrap it around your wrist and add another ½” to ¾” for comfort. Most charm bracelets are sold in two sizes; small -7.5 and large- 8”. At Mary Ann Archer, we recognize that no two women have the same wrist size. We can customize your bracelet size for those needing smaller or larger sizes.

So often young girls receive their first charm bracelet as a gift. Mary Ann recommends you purchase a regular size and have some of the links removed and saved for later when she will grow into it.
A charm bracelet can endure a lifetime and even handed down to the next generation so it is important to select one that is sturdy and secure.

Most of all, you want to have some “play”, some space, so the bracelet will feel comfortable. You want to have some extra room to add all those charms you will be collecting. And this is where the fun begins; creating your personal story.

Mary Ann Archer offers many charms to attach to your bracelet in the shape of a heart. They are reminders of the quaint towns and inland lakes in northern Michigan. Some heart charms speak of faith and trust as values to recall our convictions in times of need.

Coin shaped charms, trillium flowers, animals, turtles, teddy bears, and baby charms are also part of the Mary Ann Archer charm collection. They are usually made in the shape of a heart and have the baby’s first and middle names, date of birth, and a small birthstone added at the base of the heart if desired.

Custom charms for groups, clubs, or tournament trophies can be designed and made for your bracelet. Your wishes, needs, and imagination can be transferred into gold and silver at Mary Ann Archer by your request. Please call 231-838-0087.