Are you dreaming of having your diamond re set? Or are you just looking for a new ring to wear? Mary Ann Archer designs for both women and men.  You will love her rings because as said time and again, ‘they are so comfortable to wear’. Only precious metals are used: sterling, 14K, 18K gold, and Platinum. From diamonds to agates or no stones at all, the choices are endless at Mary Ann Archer Fine Jewelry.


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A ring evokes something “everlasting”. This is especially true for a wedding ring. We hear words like “eternity” “forever” and more. Even casual or ‘coctail’ rings have a similar feeling or “ring” to them. When a person buys a ring, the thought and feeling behind it is totally different than buying a pair of earrings. You truly believe you will wear it for years to come, and you often do.

A zen concept about a ring is that it has no beginning and no end. Perhaps there is an underlying spiritual aspect about a ring.

Rings are handed down for generations and worn until they are almost thread bare. Grandma’s diamond ring is cherished with a vengeance! There is a dedicated sentimentality about a family ring. When we’ve seen it on the fingers of our loved ones, inheriting it keeps their memory alive.

My primary focus when making a ring is beautiful design and impeccable craftsmanship. A beautiful stone will loose its glory if the ring is poorly designed. If it is poorly crafted, it might fall apart before you expected.

Also, when I design a ring, comfort and wearability are very important. If it’s too tight or too loose it can be problematic. If a ring is top heavy because the stone is always flopping over to one side or the other, it counters the goal of admiration.

It has been said time and again by my customers that my rings  feel good and are very comfortable. I make rings in Sterling Silver, 14K, 18K gold, palladium and platinum but I never skimp on metal. My rings have substance, weight and will endure the test of time, provided they are not abused. Consequently, my rings rarely come back to me for repair.

Because gemstones can be the focal point of a ring, I am devoted to finding you the finest quality gemstone at the best possible price. From diamonds to agates, quality, cut and uniqueness are important. My ring styles are varied and reflect my many interests and the needs and wishes of my customers.

I have been designing and making jewelry for over fifty years and continue to love my craft. I take pride in my ability to deliver a finished custom ring that my customers love too. There is nothing better for me than seeing the expression on the face of my customer when I deliver a custom ring or piece of jewelry.

Feel free to contact me with your special requests and custom designing at 231-838-0087.