Women are always looking for a new pair of earrings. It’s like a treasure hunt. Mary Ann’s earrings have one important quality that all women want in an earring: they are comfortable to wear. Explore the diverse earring collection offered by Mary Ann Archer: a women jeweler designing earrings for women.

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Let’s face it, we women are always looking for a new pair of earrings. It’s like a treasure hunt. Choosing is often challenging because we have personal and unique preferences that are as diverse as our wardrobes.

We need earrings for everyday wear, for work and for special occasions. Some of us prefer hoops or drops and some only wear studs. We search for those that will cover our ear lobes if we have a torn lobe. Some of us wear clips. Some of us prefer silver or only wear gold. And some of us like two toned metal styles. Also, we might prefer earrings with precious or non precious gemstones. The possibilities and needs are endless.

I design earrings that have one important criteria that all women want; they must be comfortable to wear. Women appreciate wearing their earrings all day without removing them if they are too heavy. Keeping the weight down can be challenging and it is my goal to make them as lightweight as possible.

Another important component is the metal quality. I use only sterling silver that is nickel free and 14K or 18K golds for both the earrings and the posts or ear wires. For those who are highly sensitive, I offer surgical steel or non-hypoallergenic metal posts and wires. Sterling silver secure lever backs are preferred because, although not guaranteed, there is less possibility for loss with this type of finding.

Earrings can be like a favorite tee-shirt that we slip on for comfort, compliment a certain outfit or worn just for special occasions which is why my collection is as varied as the women wearing them. My goal is to please women with a very special pair they will always treasure wearing.