Custom Jewelry Designs

Thinking about having your diamond ring re-set or a new piece of jewelry made for you or someone you love? The jewelry items in this category might give you an idea of possibilities. We can work together to create a new piece of jewelry that you love from afar as well as if you were in my store. And keep in mind, Christmas is not far off.

In this category, I’m hoping to give credence to my skills developed over the past 50 years of making jewelry. You will see images of custom jewelry designs I’ve made for customers that are never seen in my store and sold items I’ve made in the past. Many are one of a kinds featuring gemstones that are rare or cannot be replaced, however, I can try to come up with “similar” stones and/or designs.

I’m doing my best to make my new website as personable as possible during this difficult and frustrating time. My goal is to make it a virtual store for your shopping convenience as I know many of you are not shopping in town. I’ve made this new website easy to use, the photos large, clear and true to color. Be sure to click on the photo to see the entire piece.

Many of you never even got up north this summer, and I know that you missed being here. So, if there is any way I can help, please send a message and I’ll do my best to make your wishes a reality. There is a button on the front page for messaging as well.

If you need repairs done and can’t get to the store, you can send the items to me via UPS or priority mail and I’ll return them the same way. If you have a smart phone and can make a photo of the item to be repaired, we can talk about the procedure and go from there. Please feel free to call me with your questions. Enjoy looking.

Lastly, you can call me with your questions on my cell: 231-838-0087

Best wishes to all of you.

Mary Ann



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Over the years, I have literally made thousands of pieces of jewelry. This is difficult for even me to fathom. And since I’ve been making jewelry for 50 plus years, my designs and skills have vastly changed and improved; for the better. People come to me with requests for all kinds of custom jewelry and repairs.

I recently was asked if my new website featured photos of custom rings. My customer wants to peruse through the photos in a leisurely manner at home for inspiration. She asked me to make a ring for her, but is unclear what exactly it is that she wants. Quite frankly, this is the most common problem for most people wanting a custom piece of jewelry made.

Being a designer with 50 years of experience, I am able to ask questions and walk a customer through my store to look at actual pieces for them to name their personal likes and dislikes. Also, I’m a good listener and I take good notes.  Lastly, with artistic experience,  I am able to “psyche into” the wishes of my clients.

And so, for those of you who live at a distance, I am dedicating this category on my website to feature, not only custom pieces I’ve made but also past jewelry designs I have made over the years. If you would like something made especially for you, perhaps these photos will clarify your wants and inspire your imagination; or leave that part up to me.

These items have been marked “Out of Stock”. They were either made specifically for a customer or were pieces that I made for the store and were sold. If you would like a something made along the lines of one of these designs, and the stones are available, please call 231-838-0087.