"This is jewelry to be cherished. From the elegant simplicity of classic designs, to the stunning intracacy of contemporary pieces, Mary Ann Archer and her son Adam Garret continually display unparalled brilliance in the artistry of jewelry."

John Ashbrook, Wayne MI
author of futurebliss.org
avatar"Being left-handed, I had broken the diamond and bent the prongs several times on my wedding ring due to it's high setting. I gave up wearing it and placed the ring in the safe.
Last summer, when I went into Mary Ann Archer's bright and cheery shop, I saw an ideal setting for my wedding ring.
Gathering courage, I watched as Mary Ann designed a unique setting for my ring.
Part of my four ring set were two guard rings, one with rubies and one with sapphires, that my husband had given me when our children were born. Mary Ann incorporated these rubies and sapphires along with the diamonds and transformed the original design I liked into a similar, yet totally unique and exclusive design for me. My beautiful large diamond is bezel set and all others are what is called, bead and bright cut set. Adam expertly set each stone and now I can enjoy wearing my ring every day without fear of knocking out a stone.
I love my ring and receive constant compliments!

Lucy Somes

Indianapolis, IN"

Lucy Somes
avatar"After my husband’s death, it was very important to me to keep our rings together in a setting of some type.  It took several years to find the right person to create my memory-keeper.  When my husband was in the hospital I always wore his wedding ring on a chain along with a heart he had given me.  After his death, when I wanted to make our rings into something permanent, most jewelers suggested melting the rings down or reshaping them into a totally new design.

When Adam saw the rings and heart together, his first comment was that they looked pretty good just as they were.  I knew then he and I were “on the same page” and I had found the right jeweler.  He suggested setting my engagement diamond above the rings and figured out a way to allow my husband’s ring to move freely.  It comforts me to slip my finger through his ring.  I am totally pleased with the result.  My setting includes both our wedding bands, a special heart given to me on our 15th anniversary and my engagement diamond.  Perfect!

Thank you Adam for being sensitive to my ideas, wonderfully creative with the fine-points of design and ingenious with construction.  People are always surprised and moved when they realize my beautiful pendant is a very special memory-keeper.


Lee Zajac"

Lee Zajac
avatar"Mary Ann Archer is very creative and talented. She has created many beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry for me. Mary Ann is a pleasure to work with and she is always striving to craft a piece that is worn and enjoyed. Val Hendricks,  Sylvania, OH"

Val Hendricks
avatar"Although my marriage came to an end, Mary  Ann helped to bring new life to my engagement diamond and channel setting wedding band. She helped me to take the creative design thoughts from my imagination and turn them into a wax mold. From there my beautiful ring was made and truly... I get compliments on it wherever I go! She even promised that all the bad juju was removed and that the piece was truly blessed for a bright future! I've since bought several pieces from Mary ann and she's become my preferred jeweler.

Julie Pekrul

Business Banker

Harbor Springs, MI"

Julie Pekrul

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