Fine Art and Fine Jewelry by Mary Ann Archer

My love for nature and the surroundings of where I live in northern Michigan are some of the diverse images I love to paint. The many years spent serving my customers in my retail jewelry store kept me from focusing on my painting, and now that I am semi-retired I’m enjoying using my creativity in new ways and directions. Check out “Custom Jewelry Designs” and “Paintings” for ideas of commissions I’ve made for many clients. I can work directly with you to create anything you have been wanting for yourself or your home.

“Re-creating your jewelry box memories into wearable treasures” is something I have enjoyed doing my entire career. I love the challenge, and I love seeing my client’s face when I deliver the final product. With 50 years of experience, I can re-set your diamonds or family heirloom stones into an entirely new piece of jewelry that will please you and be what you have been dreaming of all along.

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